Dems’ Slap in the Face: DNC Invites Race Hoaxer Warren To Native American Caucus

The conservatives on Twitter have been having some fun at the Democrats’ expense over this and of course, the leftist political tweeters are up in arms. For example, one political commentator on the left said that Warren had already proven herself as an “ally” to the people who know best. David S. Bernstein went on to say that you were free to make your jokes for the 500th time, though.

That is mighty gracious of him, if we do say so ourselves. We are going to choose to make the jokes for the 500th time and we hope that it is perfectly okay with him! Someone said that she should be given the a 1/1024th allotment of time to speak. We’re still trying to recover from the laughing fit we endured.

Twitter hasn’t provided us with many opportunities for a good laugh lately, what with all of the doomsday talk that has been taking place on that platform. People need to learn how to lighten up and enjoy life. The leftists should take a moment to think positively. If Warren had gotten the vice presidential nod, Trump would have unleashed even meaner jokes at her expense.

Just imagine Warren standing on stage, trying to speak, while Trump is doing the Florida State Seminoles chant and a tomahawk chop. He wouldn’t be that ridiculous but he’d definitely tease her a lot. If the Democrats are going to try to troll everyone like this, they should be ready for all of the jokes that are about to come their way.

Saagar Enjeti summed up our feelings on the matter with just one tweet. When he said “holy s—, she’s actually doing it,” we felt that in our chests. Warren clearly doesn’t seem to realize when she is the butt of the joke but that’s fine with us. She should have been chosen over Harris, not because we think she is a brilliant politician but because it would have been hilarious.

All jokes aside, she had every right to be there. “With Joe Biden in office, Indian country will not need to worry about that kind of disrespect any longer,” said Warren. The only disrespect that the country is going to experience now will be meted out by Warren! She’s been given a prime time speaking slot at the convention and we anxiously await her arrival.

The only question left to answer is a simple one: is she going to be clad in a full headdress? Sorry, we promised that we were going to stop with the jokes but we can’t. The Democratic party provides so many opportunities for mockery, we don’t even have time to use them all. They’re acting like the election is in the bag, proving that they have learned nothing since 2016.

Their whole thing is simple: we’re not Trump, vote for us, blah blah blah. The leftists are already upset that Biden is not willing to provide free health care and it won’t be long before we are reading pieces about how they are refusing to even bother to vote. To be fair, Warren has been an outspoken champion of Native American causes since she was outed as a pale face.

The outreach that she has done is never going to overpower the jokes but kudos to her anyway. Is she actually going to get anything accomplished or is this all talk? Only time will tell. Television network execs are also worried about airing the Democratic convention because they will have to give equal time to a Republican convention.

“We don’t know what that content is going to be,” they say. In the meantime, they may have just told the Democrats a lie to spare their feelings. After all, conventions are not exactly a ratings juggernaut. The Republicans are putting together their convention now and the sky is the limit. No one knows what Trump is cooking up but they will be tuned in regardless.

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