Dems Open New Front in War Against America. Liberal Unions Call for Nationwide Strikes To Help Biden Amid Pandemic and Riots

At the moment, we do not have any information about when these strikes will eventually take place. Democrat allies are currently cooking up the plan as we speak and no one knows what the start date is going to be. This is one of the most shameless political plans that we have seen in some time. The Democrats want to win the election so badly, they do not care if they have to cheat.

In their mind, this sort of strike would bring the current president to his knees and allow Biden to serve as the hammer of justice. Or, the olive branch of empathy. Who knows when it comes to the Democrats? They seem to change their minds on these issues on a daily basis. Biden’s poll numbers have now started to slip, so they are taking the time to reconsider certain strategies.

The labor unions that are aligned with the Democrats are claiming that the strikes would enhance racial justice in this country. We are not so sure. If you take a closer look at the list of unions who are doing their best to support the initiative, you can see exactly what is going on. The companies and organizations that decide to pull this off will be giving the economy yet another gut punch.

Voters are going to be headed to the polls in the next few months and Democrats are well aware that they do not have this thing in the bag just yet. The statements from the labor leaders were first shared with the Associated Press. When there is smoke, there is fire. In most instances, the Associated Press is not going to entertain foolishness for the mere sake of doing so.

The unions are claiming that they want to force federal and local lawmakers’ hand. They believe that a general strike would force them to come to the table and take decisive action against systemic racism. The walkouts, if they actually take place, are going to take place for as long as needed. Of course, the Democrats could always decide to chicken out.

That’s not a surprising outcome for this whole kerfuffle. The Democrats may want people to believe that they are looking for racial justice but that is simply not true. Their true objective is to put a major damper on the upcoming election. In their minds, a strike would be blamed on the current president and Biden would have the chance to cruise to a certain victory.

It’s the sort of plan that is destined to backfire horribly but don’t tell that to the Democrats. More and more people are tired of the shutdowns and they do not want them to continue. Can you imagine how angry the average person would be to wake up one day and find out that even more things have shut down? The Democrats have no ability to measure that potential outrage, so they should probably go back to the drawing board.

States are slowly getting back to normal and showing signs of improvement. The Democrats seem to believe that everyone is looking to stay at home, just so the Republicans can suffer. No one is going to go along with this. Everyone’s tired of being told what they cannot do. In a country where everyone is seeking a return to their normal routines, the Democrats seem to believe that people are looking to deal with yet another round of closings.

If the economy magically springs back to where it should be by the time the election rolls around, you better believe that Joe Biden will be the one taking the credit for it. It’s the same song, with a few new dancers but the lyrics have not been altered in the slightest. How these unions are going to get their workers to go along with such a thing is beyond us but we are sure they have a plan!

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