Dems’ New Normal! Biden Supporters Attack Conservative Rally in San Francisco

Team Save America was attempting to pull off the impossible yesterday. They wanted to have a rally in support of conservative values (and President Trump, of course) in the city of San Francisco. This isn’t a city that is exactly known for its love of conservative thinkers or law enforcement officials. They took to the streets with Thin Blue Line flags and they were upset about Twitter’s treatment of Joe Biden dissenters.

It probably won’t surprise anyone who is reading this to find out that the rally did not last too long. A group of Antifa counter-protesters arrived in no time at all. Any support for President Trump was not going to be tolerated on their turf. The protesters and the police had to work together to pull the entire fracas apart.

A number of officers were injured during the melee. One of the protesters was taken to a nearby hospital. “A photographer working for The Associated Press witnessed an activist with Team Save America taken away in an ambulance and an injured San Francisco police officer on the ground by San Francisco’s United Nations Plaza,” reads the AP report.

No one is stunned by this turn of events but it still paints an unflattering picture of the liberals who saw fit to behave in such a manner. Lest you think these were some minor scrapes, event founder Philip Anderson was taken away by ambulance. He lost one of his front teeth during the beating and another was hanging on for dear life.

These are the people who count themselves among the world’s most empathetic. Anderson had barely taken the stage when the glass bottles started flying at him and the police who were closest to the action. Antifa does not fear the police, as they have demonstrated throughout the course of these protests turned riots.

This is the part where you are wondering how they can keep getting away with it. That’s because no arrests are being made at the moment. Why would they ever cease their behavior when they can simply continue down the same path? One of the AP images depicts a rioter throwing eggs at the police. Of all the things that they have done, this is actually one of the lighter incidents.

The rest of their behavior throughout the course of this long, weird summer has been no laughing matter. Barricades couldn’t even keep Antifa away from the police. They broke them down and charged the officers anyway. City governments are not stepping in, leaving law enforcement officials completely out to dry.

Team Save America set out to have a peaceful demonstration. They even acquired the necessary permits. To the best of our knowledge, there was not a liberal protest on the docket for yesterday. That means that these folks showed up looking for a problem. They found one quickly and now innocent people have been hurt. When do cities like San Francisco step up and take responsibility for the havoc that they have wrought?

By allowing these events to transpire without making arrests, cities are doing their best to virtue signal to the (presumed) incoming president. What happens if the precious polls fail them again, though? At that point, they have put themselves in the classic rock/hard place conundrum. Since they have already cast their lot with the Biden camp, they had better hope that they are able to avoid any unwanted confrontations in the future.

Antifa attacks are going to continue as long as the liberal cities are defanging their police departments. While the pragmatists believe that Biden will maintain the status quo and keep his moderate fan base happy, Harris’ early virtue signaling of her own is troubling. There was no sense in shoring up these concerns by choosing a former Attorney General if she was going to go full California hippie before the election was over. We could be in four more years of the same crippling inaction.

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