Democrats Under Pelosi & Schumer Play Politics With Workers’ Livelihood

The talks between the Republicans and Democrats have broken down entirely. While the two sides agree on some basic elements of the next coronavirus stimulus bill, they are far apart on the unemployment enhancement that Americans were receiving over the past few months. Trump, McConnell and Pelosi are all struggling to see eye to eye on most aspects of the bill. though.

The unemployment question is the one that needs to be answered first. Otherwise, millions and millions of Americans are going to be struggling to pay the bills. Congress decided to take off for the weekend but a few of the power players remained in town, in hopes that a deal could be made before it is too late.

The deadline for an uninterrupted unemployment schedule has come and gone. The 1st of the month has passed, leaving Americans without valuable funding to secure a residence. Evictions are going to skyrocket, thanks to the laziness of Pelosi and her cronies. They do not wish to come to the table and have a real discussion.

Instead, they are of the belief that their party is holding all of the cards. Now, there is speculation about the GOP and Trump becoming more and more nervous. Supposedly, they are going to be willing to add some sweeteners, in hopes of getting the deal done in a timely manner. At first, the GOP was staunchly opposed to the $600 unemployment benefit.

That stance is starting to soften. The GOP was not willing to extend the benefit but President Trump has decided to undercut that stance. He knows how dire the situation is for the American people. Getting them a check as quickly as possible is his main concern. As for Nancy Pelosi? She is already crowing about victories she hasn’t even had the chance to enjoy yet.

“There are two things to remember. One is the person you’re negotiating with has to want something. And they have to know you will walk,” she boasted. That has to make the American people feel really good. This is a bunch of nonsense but she seems pretty pleased with herself. That’s par for the course for Pelosi.

She says whatever comes into her head and she does not think about how it is going to reflect on her. When it comes to these agreements, there are three different governing bodies who must get on board: the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. The Democrats do not have unilateral control, no matter what they may say about the matter.

The Speaker has also blown off a number of proposals. For starters, the GOP offered to keep the unemployment benefit alive, at a reduced rate of $200 per week. That was a no go for master negotiator Pelosi. The offer was doubled to $400 and a four month extension of the benefits was ready to be put into place. Pelosi said no to this idea as well.

The GOP came back with yet another offer: $600, for one week. This would allow Americans to keep receiving their benefits while the rest of the proposal was hammered out. Pelosi wasn’t going for that either. She let the benefit expire on purpose. It’s more fun to her to play a deadly game of chicken with Americans’ finances. She does not care about people’s inability to keep a roof over their heads. All that matters to her is “winning” the negotiation against the Republicans.

Democrats like her are so far removed from the daily concerns that cause so many others to struggle. In their minds, it is more important to claim a victory, so that they can tell their voters that they dominated the Republicans. One side is looking to help people right now and the other side is clearly hoping for a November victory. Pelosi and Schumer have a lot of explaining to do this week, especially now that everyone is about to go without that pivotal $600 pandemic credit.

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