Democrat Operative Who “Found” Thousands of Ballots in Suitcases Hidden Under Table Identified


Readers are probably familiar with the report that Christina Laila broke earlier about the ballot fraud that took place in Georgia. The Democrats blatantly cheated during the counting process and this travesty unfolded at State Farm Arena. Crooked Democrats saw nothing wrong with arriving with their own suitcases of ballots to count.

Instead of waiting for monitors to address the situation, they simply decided to count without them. No election monitors were in the room and there’s no way to explain this one away. The Trump legal team has now gotten ahold of the explosive video. The mainstream media is going out of their way not to report the real truth here.

Poll workers were told to leave when the video was recorded. This goes against all of the rules that were made before the count began and we want to know why it was even allowed in the first place. “Workers” stayed behind and pulled out their briefcases out from under the table without a care in the world.

That’s the part that truly rankles us. We expected the Democrats to try and steal the election but we did not expect them to be this blatant. There have been a lot of shocking videos during the campaign season and this might be the worst one yet. The TeamTrump account shared the news with everyone on Twitter.

We are shocked that the app didn’t manage to have yet another convenient shut down as soon as this information was made public. “WATCH: Video footage from Georgia shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave the room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes,” the account said.

It’s tough to find any sort of ambiguity here. The mainstream media delights in gaslighting us but this is a tough one for them to spin. Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will be trotted out to tell people this is all a hoax and that is that. It’s going to be even harder for them now that one of the criminals has been identified.

There is a woman in a purple top that was responsible for pulling out the ballots and sitting down to help count them. This definitely doesn’t jibe with the story that was provided. Supposedly, a pipe had burst within the arena and that’s why everyone needed to leave. This was merely a ruse to get all of the GOP operatives out of the room so that the election theft could continue without incident.

The woman who we just mentioned may have gotten away with what she did but she made one key mistake. She left her purse out on the table so that she would be easier to identify. Maybe her conscience was eating away at her and she wanted to get caught? We are not quite sure what happened here but the Democrats clearly did not want this story to make its way to the conservative media.

She has been identified as Ruby Freeman and she just may become the catalyst for one of the most crucial investigations in our nation’s history. The t-shirt that she is wearing reads “Lady Ruby” and the purse is actually from her own company.

It’s called LaRuby’s Unique Treasures. The woman even advertises the company on her LinkedIn page, so we are not sure how she could have been so thoughtless here.

It may simply be a matter of Democrats believing that they cannot get caught. The rest of the country wanted Trump out so badly, they did not care how it happened. That explanation seems kind of simplistic but in how many instances? The simplest explanation is the one that makes the most sense. This is a principle known as Occam’s Razor.

It will be interesting to see what happens once the shoe has been placed on the other foot. The lefties won’t find it as funny then.

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