Dem Leader Openly Calls for More Violence in the Streets To Help Biden

Ever since the Democratic National Convention concluded, the party has slowly been reverting to their normal antics. They tried their best to make themselves look sane but once the lights were back off, they returned to their usual messaging. America’s future Democrats have been lighting cities on fire and pummeling police officers with bricks.

The party couldn’t be more proud of their young prodigies. Antifa members and Black Lives Matter protesters are tearing the nation apart, literally. Shaun King, one of the biggest social justice grifters of our time, has decided to stick his nose into the proceedings. This man has never met a cause that he couldn’t turn into an opportunity.

King does not even have universal approval among the leftists any more because of his shady ways. Twitter was recently abuzz because he could not make the trip to Kentucky to obtain justice for Breonna Taylor without doing some panhandling first. If he wanted a free vacation, his supporters would have probably sprung for someplace a bit better.

Now that the leftists have caught onto his greedy behavior, we are not sure why he is still a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. Then again, it makes a lot of sense. This is a party that believes in social justice warriors like him all of the time. King hasn’t done a single thing to help anyone but himself but he keeps lining his pockets with false promises.

That sounds an awful lot like a Democrat to us. If we had to guess, we’d say that they took a passing glance at social media, saw some discussions of King and decided to support him without any further research. A lot of celebrities have fallen into that trap, as his supporters include Cardi B and Rihanna.

Those who think they are politically inclined but don’t have the time to research flock to King. As for Talcum X himself, he has yet to even prove that he’s not a white man. That’s not to say that a white man can’t help to advance social justice causes. He’s the one who seems to be ashamed of his white skin, even going so far as to essentially call his mother promiscuous. That’s how far he goes to justify his belief that he’s a black man.

Since King has no qualms about egging on violence as long as he’s not affected, it took no time at all for him to offer support to the rioters. America has earned this “mayhem”, in his words. This is not the first time that King has advocated for violence. He’s the same man who wanted America to have a violent coup if Trump won the last election.

Talcum X says he’s not going to call for peace and we believe him. Rabble rousing and ambulance chasing are all he knows. The idea that people would still listen to him after he’s been unable to account for all of the money that he’s raised is ludicrous. King even went so far as to have his wife take over his Twitter account to try and disprove the allegations about his theft.

This is classic Democrat behavior. They are always a few steps behind the social justice movement that they claim to have their fingers on the pulse of. When the leftists have caught on, that’s usually a sign to distance oneself from the person in question. His “activism” is all about Shaun King and making sure that his pockets are well lined. Any actual achievements are incidental at best.

Give him a day or two and he will be whining for more donations. The man can’t even fund a trip to Kentucky without shaking his tin cup on Twitter. It’s unclear to us what he actually does at this point. He’s basically this generation’s answer to Al Sharpton. If something tragic happens in the black community, he’ll be there…..ready to make a quick buck.

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