Cuomo Continues to Deny Nursing Home Deaths Were His Fault

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decisively planned to ship all the COVID-19 infected people to the state nursing homes. His reasoning so far has not been found. The entire purpose of the social distancing and isolation of infected people was to keep the elderly from getting the virus. Andrew Cuomo had other plans. His order in March forced care facilities to put their residents at risk.

The tides have shifted on Cuomo. What he thought was going to save his tenure secretly has turned into a blame fest on him. Officials are pointing their fingers at him and blaming the thousands of deaths on Cuomo. He does not care about the elderly.

Cuomo’s response to the allegations is flat out denial. When the blame first started coming his way, he tried to duck out from under it, claiming that his order came after the federal restrictions were lifted. But proof shows that is just not the case. So, he has resorted to outright denial. Cuomo cannot be trusted as the governor of New York. He has turned to subtle illegal and immoral actions that are putting people’s lives in danger.

In Cuomo’s exact words, his denial comes clear “So it just never happened in New York, where we needed to say to a nursing home we need you to take this person even though they are COVID positive. It never happened.”

He can say that “it just never happened” all he wants to people because the facts do not lie. There were thousands of infected elderly patients who would love to have their lives back to argue the point with Cuomo. He gave the order, and it went into effect on March 25.

There were 4,500 patients transferred to the nursing homes from the hospitals in New York. It was not until May 10 that Cuomo decided that it might be best to reverse his initial attempt to kill off the elderly.

New York suffered over 6,000 nursing home related deaths during that time frame. Once Cuomo was hounded for his decision, the way of recording deaths mysteriously changed. If the person was in the nursing home, the death counted, but if they could get them outside, it would not be counted as a nursing home death. Cuomo hid his satanic plan by twisting the facts and the rules.

The Department of Health in New York would not release the death rate totals because Cuomo would not allow it. He bottled up the lie and tried to bury it so no one could find out his plan. Once he had everyone silenced, he ordered the removal of the data and the order from the state website.

Cuomo does live in his world. He started telling people that he was committed to saving lives while at the same, killing people in the darkness of the nursing home.

Cuomo even went so far as to blame family members for infecting their loved ones while visiting them. But the state had banned all visitors from being able to come to nursing homes. The Democrats lie and change things so much in order to keep the public from knowing the truth about their plans.

It should not surprise people that Andrew Cuomo is a bold-faced liar. Throughout the entire year, he has done nothing but lies to people and tries to cover up his terrible mistakes. He has denied federal aid to places that needed them and murdered people in their beds by infecting them on purpose with COVID-19.

His actions disqualify him from being in the office that he holds. The people of New York state need to recall the man and keep him responsible for the thousands of deaths that occurred when he placed the vulnerable with the sick.

President Trump has even tried to work with Cuomo on several occasions. But the nasty governor has refused to cooperate and even listen to what the president has said all along about COVID-19. His refusal to do the right thing stems from his political views. As a lying liberal, he cannot bring himself to work with a Republican president because he is afraid of what other liberals will say about him.

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