CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Gets Forced to the Sideline and Taken off the Air

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#WarOnWomen Indeed.

CNN’s very own Brooke Baldwin announced yesterday on her Instagram page that she would be absent from her show until at least after the election. This of course seems incredibly odd for a NEWS anchor wanting to take some time off during one of the most heated and quite frankly bizarre Presidential elections EVER, unless you were ill.


Here is the story from rival Fox News

“As the election gears up, the political maestro @jaketapper will hold down my hour and his for the coming weeks. Wish I was was with you, but I’ll see ya on [TV] on the flip side of the election,” Baldwin wrote.

CNN did not immediately respond to a series of questions, including if it was her decision to step aside and if she will return to her role following the election.

Baldwin responded to a variety of comments on the post, insisting she’s “healthy” and will be back but she did not want to be taken off the air.

A fan asked, “Why are you taking so many weeks off at such an important time?”

“Not my choice,” Baldwin responded.

Here is the CNN anchroettes Instagram post…

“Oct 1, 2020: It was on this day TEN YEARS AGO when I first started anchoring my own show on CNN (technically it wasn’t *my* show that very first day… but little did I know, after an unexpected chain of events, those two hours would become mine). I have cherished my time with you this past decade. It’s been a dream of mine to work at CNN,”

“In the last ten years, we’ve witnessed history together. I’ve laughed and cried with you… I’ve rung in many a New Year with you. I’ve been sick with you. I have GROWN with you. Sitting in that seat live on CNN every afternoon has been and still is an absolute privilege. I’m a marker of major moments and this day matters to me every year — and I owe you all a massive THANK YOU. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for finding me here on IG. Thank you for caring,”

“As the election gears up, the political maestro @jaketapper will hold down my hour and his for the coming weeks. Wish I was was with you, but I’ll see ya on [TV[ on the flip side of the election. In the meantime, you know where to find me. Oh, and you see my necklace? Don’t forget to vote,”

She has been benched “Not By Her Choice?” Well, that is a fine how do you do for someone that invented the Brooke smirk that we have all come to be bemused by.

Originally speculation surrounded around the COVID diagnosis Brooke had earlier in April of this year and people were worried that she might have possibly had a relapse of some sort. If you recall that both Brooke and her fellow CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo were both diagnosed with COVID within days of each other and spent weeks chronicling their recovery.

This is an extremely odd move being if she is not ill, then why double the workload on Jake Tapper? He has already strained with all the controversy surrounding some of his more recent actions.

CNN in the meantime will have to once again try to regroup without one of their talking heads spewing out talking points prepared by the DNC during this important election season. We know that they will struggle to pick up the pieces but they will persevere.

We know this being they have been struggling for years in the ratings and have survived.

Good Luck Brooke.

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