China Mocks Biden Over Syria Bombing: America Is Back and Credits Trump While Doing It

If Joe Biden’s first military action is an indication of things to come, GI-Joe is in for a rough ride. On Thursday, 36 days after taking up residency in the White House, Biden unilaterally bombed targets in Syria in what the Pentagon described as a “defensive precision strike.”

In so doing, Biden reportedly miffed Kamala Harris, irritated Russia, has been ridiculed as a hypocrite on social media, and now has been mocked by China’s state-run Global Times newspaper. Even better, the Times gave props to Donald Trump in the process.

Nicely done, Joe — I can’t wait to see your encore.

Our story begins in early February with Biden delivering a made-for-TV speech to diplomats at the Pentagon, during which he repeated his oft-claimed meaningless campaign slogan, “America is back” — macho-Biden style.

“And they know when you speak, you speak for me. And so — so is the message I want the world to hear today: America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.”

The Global Times headline of the Friday story mocking Biden?

‘America is Back’ with airstrikes on Iran-backed militia in Syria

As suggested by Breitbart, the Global Times implied Biden had undermined campaign promises made to the American people. Communist Party-approved experts quoted in the piece made the case that, under Donald Trump, the White House opted for sanctions and economic incentives in dealing with Iran. However, under Biden, the Daily stressed, “military violence superseded” Trump’s sanctions policy.

“During the Trump era, the US tended to use economic sanctions against Iran and did not politically engage with Iran. Nonetheless, the pro-establishment Democratic government wants to resume the Iran nuclear deal, but it is telling Iran not to take action in Syria, as they are two different issues.”

“The Biden administration is trying to resurrect the [disastrous] 2015 Iran nuclear deal,” said the Times, “which was scrapped by Trump, but the efforts reportedly met a cold response from Iran.” (By my count, so far, we’re at Trump: 2, Biden: 0.)

The Global Times said its “experts” expect Biden to attempt to “push European countries to get involved in Middle Eastern affairs” — and then some. (3-0.)

With the airstrikes, the US hopes other Arab countries that are discontent with the Iranian and Syrian governments should instate clear policies and coordinate to push European countries to get involved in Middle Eastern affairs, the anonymous expert said.

The expert believes Biden, who favors multilateralism, will not fight alone but will unite US allies, especially Europeans, and it remains to be seen whether the US will bring more European, especially NATO countries, into the Middle East.

Ever notice how the party that rails against “Republican wars” appears incapable of avoiding long-term military involvement in foreign lands? Me too.

The Chinese government formally condemned the strikes through its Foreign Ministry, in a standard “formally-condemning” statement.

“We call on relevant parties to respect Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and avoid further complicating the situation in Syria,” spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters Friday in response to questions about the strike.

As previously noted, the Pentagon-dubbed “defensive precision strike” focused on members of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), a legal wing of the Iraqi armed forces, according to Breitbart.

The PMF are intensely anti-American and have refocused much of their efforts to attacking U.S. troops and assets, particularly in Iraq where they are formally part of the military.

The attack Biden used to justify his strikes was a bombing of American assets in Iraqi Kurdistan last week, for which a small militia known as the Saraya Awlia al-Dam, or “Guardians of Blood Brigades,” took credit. The group is believed to be part of the PMF.

In a bit of an irony, given China’s dress-down of Biden, the PMF bombings last week accidentally destroyed part of the Chinese consulate in Erbil, Iraq. Wang, the aforementioned Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, didn’t mention that detail in his call for an end to American activity against the PMF.

I read somewhere earlier today the suggestion that Biden might not have even have known about Thursday’s strike. Despite his declining mental acuity, I doubt that would’ve been the case. On the other hand, because of his declining mental acuity, I highly doubt that he was much more engaged in the decision than “Sign here, Joe.” Snide speculation? So be it.

Russia’s long-time Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complained that Moscow was given only four-to-five minutes’ warning ahead of the strikes, stressing it would not have been sufficient time to avoid risking a clash between Russian and American forces.

“Our military was warned four or five minutes in advance. Of course, this has no value even from the angle of deconfliction, as they say in relations between Russian and U.S. servicemen.”

Lavrov further complained that the Biden administration’s warning was relayed as the strike was “already being delivered.”

Someone else allegedly not happy being unaware of the strike in advance was Kamala Harris, according to an unconfirmed report — which I’ll just leave here.

Speaking of Harris and military strikes, following the April 2018 U.S. and European allies airstrikes in Syria over a suspected chemical weapon attack, Harris hypocritically tried to play both sides of the coin, condemning Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad for his “unconscionable use of chemical weapons” while simultaneously sharing her “deep concern” over the “legal rationale” of the retaliatory strikes.

And look who else had a problem with the airstrikes. No doubt if Circle-Back Psaki had been White House press secretary at the time, she would’ve tied herself in knots trying to wiggle out her comments — as is the case now, on a daily basis.

Finally, just for grins, check out these two tweets from Never-Trumper David French.

Trump bombs Syria:

“If Trump strikes Syria without congressional approval, his Syria policy will be both imprudent and unconstitutional.”

Biden bombs Syria:

“Good. Targeting our troops should carry a consequence.”

Can’t make it up. Don’t have to.

Depending on from which angle you view the left, they never fail to amuse.

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