China Blocks Broadcast of Pence Criticism of China

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It is no secret that China tries to keep their citizens in the dark when it comes to information and evidence regarding China’s record.   This latest stunt though, takes the cake.

In the middle of tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, Pence was dealt an opportunity to deal with China’s trade war with the US, and went rather hard on Kamala Harris’ suggestion that the Trump/Pence administration had lost that battle.

Nathan VanderKlippe, the Beijing correspondent for the Globle and Mail, was watching the debate in China when that question was posed.  Immediately when Biden began speaking, China pulled the feed on the Vice President’s answer.

Immediately after Pence’s comments, the feed returned.

Now ask yourself, if China blocked out Pence’s feed but allowed Harris’, whom is it safe to assume the CCP supports?  If China is such a grave threat to the US as Harris would like you to believe, why would they allow her message on the subject but not Pence’s?  I believe the answer is perfectly clear.

Long and short of it:  The CCP isn’t a fan of Trump.  Biden has been playing into China’s hands.  His son has conducted talks for billions of dollars of business in China while riding his father’s coattails.  Which do you think they would rather see in the White House?


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