Catholics are Coming for Joe Because of His Stance on Abortion

Joe Biden’s either lying to himself or the whole country. He claims he’s Catholic, yet he’s also promoting pro-choice. He’s in favor of allowing women to get abortions – and he’s in favor of signing the various legislative measures that Democrats in the House have proposed.

The Catholic Church has a very strict stance on abortion. They’re pro-life. To believe otherwise is to not follow the teachings of the church.

According to Catholic priests and archbishops alike, Biden may be Catholic, but he’s not in good standing with the church. Those who aren’t in good standing are not allowed to receive communion.

So, is Biden really Catholic if he’s not following the teachings and he’s not receiving communion? It sounds like something that he’s said only to get the votes of Christians.

Now that Joe Biden has gotten the votes and his team is preparing to enter the White House, Catholics are responding. After all, they need to address the issue of abortion with the president-elect once and for all.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit has been chosen to lead a national group known as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Vigneron is the leader of the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit. He will be leading the new group, as appointed by Archbishop Jose Gomez of LA, the president of USCCB.

The problem that Catholics have with Biden is that he’s attacking fundamental values that the church holds dear with the policies that he supports.

Biden has already spoken with Pope Francis. The call was a show of unity that has been praised by liberal and moderate Catholics. Is that enough, though? Is Biden planning on backing away from the policies he has previously promoted?

Vigneron will be playing a vital role in how the Catholic Church chooses to interact with the Biden administration on abortion and an array of other policy issues.

Remember when Mitt Romney was running for president? One of the reasons that he didn’t get too many votes is because of his faith. As a Mormon, many were worried that it wouldn’t be his voice leading the country but rather the Mormon Church.

It seems that Biden’s faith may have been dismissed too soon. Is it possible that Biden is closer to his faith than anyone realized? After a conversation with the Pope, is Biden planning on allowing the Catholic Church to determine the way in which certain policies will swing?

This is supposed to be a democracy. While the Founding Fathers were Christian, it was never supposed to be a church running the country from behind the scenes.

Biden will be the second Catholic president in the history of the United States. With the formation of the group led by Vigneron, it shows that Catholic leaders may have to take a hardline stance toward Biden.

It’s possible that the abortion-rights Democrat is going to change everything. He’s either going to go with the church or against. There is no middle ground. Either he agrees that it’s okay to kill babies or he’s going to do everything in his power to protect them.

The Catholic Church has made its stance clear. As Gomez says, the policies that include preserving Roe v. Wade and repealing the Hyde amendment undermines “our preeminent priority of the elimination of abortion.”

The real concern is that the way in which Biden supports some policies but not others will create confusion for Catholics across the country. How is it that a man who identifies himself as having faith and being a devoted Catholic will support such things as immigration reform and be against racism and the death penalty but also support abortion rights?

With a group now officially formed to work with the Biden administration, it will mean a push to get the president-elect on board in one way or another. Either he’s a Catholic or he’s not, but there is no middle ground.

Catholics are Coming for Joe Because of His Stance on Abortion

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