BLM Leaders in Lancaster Calling for People To Shoot More Cops

A Lancaster Black Lives Matter militant is now calling for citizens to start shooting at members of the police force. Rioters were fired upon with rubber bullets and Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer is documenting all of it. He’s on the ground, where Lancaster police officers are grappling with local residents. A man was shot to death after lunging at officers while holding a knife.

This shouldn’t have been cause for a riot but this is where we are now as a country. If someone is killed by the police, the leftists in that city take to the streets before they have had a chance to learn anything more. Schaffer even decided to tweet out the video of the BLM leaders calling for violence. No dispute can be made about what is happening here.

When this incident unfolded, the rioters were in the process of attacking a local police department. What did they think was going to happen? While some liberal cities may have given citizens the impression that rioting it allowed, there are some still cities in this country that are willing to stand up for what is right.

According to reports from Schaffer, the rioters were given a series of warnings before the police finally began to fire rubber bullets. They were told on eight separate occasions to back away from police property and chose not to. At this time, the protest was declared as an unlawful assembly. The crowd was still not willing to disperse from the area in question.

“They had an initial minimal gas release. So, the police really unleashed rubber bullets that hit at least a dozen protesters, used lots of gas, and it effectively disbursed the crowd for 20 minutes,” Schaffer explained. After the rubber bullets were unleashed, the crowd still decided to return. They wanted the officers to know that they could have used a Taser on the man with the knife instead.

Ricardo Munoz is the man in question and he was fatally shot by the police while trying to break into his own mother’s home. His sister had contacted the authorities, claiming that he had become very aggressive. The officers soon arrived on the scene and this is when he launched his attack. This is not the first time he’s had a violent encounter that required police intervention.

He stabbed four people back in 2019 and PennLive had the full report as it unfolded. “Once they arrived at the scene, officers arrived to find Munoz standing on the sidewalk with a knife. When he saw officers, Munoz then held the knife to his own throat, police said,” read their report. “Officers told Munoz to drop the knife, but police said he he did not comply. Munoz then tried to climb over a handrail toward the front of a residence, police said. An officer had to use a Taser to subdue him, and he was taken into custody.”

At the moment, we are unsure as to whether Munoz faced any charges for what took place last year. How could this man have possibly committed such a crime last year and remain free? It’s a question that a lot of people should be asking for an answer for. No one should ever have to share their community with someone who is clearly this much of a danger to themselves or others. Now, this family was forced to pay the ultimate price for this gross level of incompetence.

In the meantime, leftists are going to rally around this man and act as if he was unfairly slain. His own family was terrified enough to call the police but this is a part of the story that no one wants to share. It’s more fun to race into the streets and start hurting police officers as soon as you hear a story that you do not like. In the future, people need to start being far more careful about what they believe.

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