Biden’s Twitter Account Takes Another Rake to the Face

Since Joe Biden took office, his puppet masters have attempted to change the definitions of words and manipulate facts to fit the narrative that Joe’s a terrific president. We have a transgender admiral and dude running the nuclear waste disposal who wears dresses and playacts as a “puppy.” Reality seems the last thing Joe’s administration worries about.

Who could forget last July when Biden’s crack team of social media mavens decided that announcing that Joe saved American families… 16 cents on their 4th of July BBQs was a great idea?

Seriously they thought that would play well on social media. Thanks, Joe! It got rightfully mocked by me and, well everyone else not employed by the gender-neutral, logic-fluid White House.

On Monday the children running Joe’s social media accounts tweeted out a new mockable message to America. They announced that Joe’s saved you climate-denying rubes still driving gas-guzzling cars tons of money. My first thought is: What’s a “peson”?

If you’re a “peson” (maybe this is a new pronoun) with one car, Joe saved you 35 dollars. But Hold on, Contestant! There’s more! Behind door number two are two, that’s right two cars!  Joe saved you 70 dollars! Is peson the new covfefe?

I don’t know how they calculated that number and I don’t care. It’s likely the same interns who decided that 16 cents saved for a 4th of July BBQ was a good idea. In any event, this is like the arsonist who started a house fire, showing up with a bucket of water to help douse the fire — that he started.

Ignore that inflation is roaring like a five-alarm fire. Ignore that “Joe did that.” Everything is on fire and Joe caused it all – but hey, Joe the arsonist has come to the rescue with his bucket of water.

But good news — no mean tweets.

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