Biden Shows How DeSantis and the GOP Are Living Rent Free in His Head

The Democrats are desperately searching for the magic approach to stop the Republicans from winning in November.

They’ve tried the “ultra MAGA gambit,” Jan. 6, and the decision to overturn Roe. But none of that seems to have worked, the generic ballot numbers are still showing the Republicans are up, with the Rasmussen poll even in double digits now.

One other possible gambit they are trying is pushing the assault weapons ban and Joe Biden’s account name-checked the big three Republicans in Florida on it.

“Leaders like Governor DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Rick Scott are all opposed to banning assault weapons,” Biden’s account said. “And to me, it’s simple. If you can’t support banning weapons of war on America’s streets, you’re not on the side of police.”

Name-checking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shows how concerned Biden is about him and Florida in the presidential race in 2024. Biden should be if somehow he manages to make it to the 2024 race and DeSantis is running.

But when Democrats were the party that was embracing BLM right in the middle of the anti-police 2020 riots, they can’t truly act like they’re suddenly on the side of the police. Leftists were the folks declaring cops racist and saying “ACAB” (All cops are bastards). Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers donated to a bail fund to get people out of jail during the riots. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called law enforcement picking up people allegedly involved in the riots “Storm Troopers.”

Not to mention that Biden doesn’t know what “weapons of war” are and he probably couldn’t define an “assault weapon” if you paid him. What a twisted remark that being in favor of your Constitutional rights is somehow anti-police? Indeed, the police are supportive of the Second Amendment because they know they can’t be everywhere, among other reasons. What he’s saying translates to you should support having your rights taken away by the state. Not a good look, Joe Biden.

But then Scott, Rubio, and Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary all responded and leveled Biden’s sorry effort.

“Looks like @JoeBiden finally got my state right…but he’s still confused,” Scott said. “Unlike him, we actually work with law enforcement & know what worries them most. It’s the Democrats’ radical anti-police agenda that poses the greatest threat to our brave police.”

Rubio mocked Biden hoping he would come to Florida because that would likely improve Rubio’s chances in his race, which he’s already likely to win.

But Pushaw had the best response that just took two words.

That’s what it comes down to. The Democrats know they are in trouble in Florida and from folks like DeSantis. So they’re flailing about with sorry efforts like this. But it shows once again they care more about their power than they do about our Second Amendment rights.

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