Biden on Drugs? Trump Requests Biden To Be Tested for Performance Enhancing Drugs

Joe Biden is clearly having major issues and they are evident to anyone who takes a moment to look at him more closely. These issues are not lost on President Trump at all. He never misses a chance to roast Biden for his sleepy ways, that is for sure. If the 2020 presidential debates are still able to take place, Trump is not going to allow the charades to continue.

The current president wants to know if his closest competitor is using performance-enhancing drugs. It’s a fair question, to be certain. There are even folks on the left who have questioned Biden’s mental acuity. While there are some who chalk it up to age, those who have been watching more closely wonder if the man is on drugs.

If we remember correctly, Biden was the one who was accusing journalists of being on drugs just for asking innocent questions. Perhaps he doth protest too much? Trump is not going to tolerate it and if he has his way, Biden will be drug tested before they have any sort of debate. It’s the only way to make sure that everything is on the up and up.

“I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible. And then I saw him in the Bernie debate and he was normal. It was sort of like a normal deal. He got by. And I said that was a different guy than the guy that was in the debate with Kamala. Now, Kamala is just horrible… I’ll tell you what he’s on some kind of enhancement in my opinion,” he told Laura Ingraham.

The Biden team is not going to like this but there is only one way out. They are going to have to take a drug test. If Biden is not actually using any sort of performance-enhancing drugs, he should not have a problem with that. Trump’s known for offering up these sorts of opinions on a fairly regular basis. There are some who wish that he wouldn’t but they are usually on the left side of the aisle.

Will they apologize to Trump if the drug test proves his suspicions? Only time will tell. There are some who believe that Trump was raring to battle Bernie Sanders for the presidency and that he has yet to adjust his strategy. There’s probably a little bit of truth to that. Sanders would have been a far more worthy competitor.

If anything, Bernie might need a little something to help him take the edge off, with all of that yelling that he does. Biden probably couldn’t yell even if someone stepped on his foot. We are also going to throw down the gauntlet right now when it comes to Nancy Pelosi. No one would be surprised if she failed a drug test as well.

You’d have to be a little loopy to start showing off your expensive ice cream collection while we are in the midst of dealing with a pandemic. The coastal elites may partake in this kind of nonsense but we are never going to. Trump definitely notices something fishy about Biden. It’s impossible to believe that he would make this up without basing it on anything.

All we know is that we need the presidential debates in our lives and we need them now. Trump may not get his chance to go after Bernie Sanders or any of the other candidates that have drawn his ire and that is too bad. That’s why we cannot wait for this debate in particular. Biden is not going to be able to send Kamala Harris in to do his dirty work all of the time.

He clearly plans on spending his hypothetical presidency hiding in the White House basement while Harris handles all of the more difficult tasks that no one else wants to do. Team Biden is convinced that they can prop him up like this is Weekend at Bernie’s. It won’t work for much longer.

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