Biden/Harris Campaign Staffer Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud in Georgia

America has been transfixed with the debate over the validity of the 2020 presidential election, and swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have been at the center of the storm.

The controversial areas have proved to be the difference between a second term for President Donald Trump and a first-term for former Vice President Joe Biden, and Americans are highly emotional about it.

While the left is rejoicing in their perceived victory, only fueled by the media who have deemed Biden the winner in their broadcasts day in and day out, Trump supporters have stuck to their guns that evidence of election fraud was too prevalent to assume that the winner is known.

Trump’s supporters have had plenty to support their claim, however, and the evidence seems to be mounting. Placed firmly in the “should report to the authorities” column was proof that a relatively high profile campaign staffer for Democrat vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, was counting votes in a particularly contentious county in the swing state of Georgia.

According to conservative commentator David Harris Jr, Aric Thompson, the official photographer for Kamala Harris, was counting ballots in Floyd County Georgia.

“That is the same Floyd County where 3,000 votes that favored President Trump were never counted,” the conservative pundit’s website stated. “By law Thompson was not legally allowed to count the votes because he worked for the Biden/Harris campaign.

The DHJ website went on to explain that according to election law, “When you volunteer to count votes, you are asked if you were a candidate or worked for a candidate on the ballot. If you answer yes to either, you are automatically refused.”

Or at least that’s what is supposed to happen.

“Therefore, Thompson must have answered no,” the conservative pundit’s site went on. “He broke election law. His job was operating a Dominion Voting tabulator. The worst of both worlds.”

Deciding who will govern the United States of America comes down to who do we want to protect the constitution. Or at least that is what we’re supposed to do. Recent years of wiping away the evil of systems like socialism and communism, and civics being replaced with “social studies” has brought up a group of voters who are more concerned with who they can stick it to than who they get stuck with.

Dangerous stigmas, combined with a well oiled Washington machine of corruption has led the United States to a place where almost half of all voters (Republicans and Democrats alike, 47 percent to be exact) believe, truly, that the election was rigged for the incumbent to lose, and yet the people who claim to have won are the violent and aggressive ones.

The evidence of fraud was so substantial in Georgia that a judge has now order that all voting machines be sequestered while the state works on a recount. Included in that recount is a comparison of signatures that will be tested against signatures on registration forms. If they don’t match, the vote will get thrown out.

Conservatives believe that this vote recount will strongly favor the president and the electoral votes will go to him, thanks to the fact that the majority of Biden’s votes were submitted through the mail.

The above-mentioned evidence of fraud is one of dozens that have been reported in the weeks since the Nov. 3 election, and the president’s legal team has made no secret of their intention to work their way through the court system until they’ve proven the election was stolen, intentionally, by the most extensive voter fraud machine in American history.

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Biden/Harris Campaign Staffer Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud in Georgia