Barr Unloads on Mail-In Fraud in Epic Takedown (Video)

Attorney General Bill Barr went on CNN yesterday and he did not waste any time getting right down to business. He spoke with Wolf Blitzer and the conversation took a very interesting turn. Blitzer decided to defend the Democrats and their plan to steal the election through the usage of mail-in voting fraud.

Blitzer takes no issue with the plan to send out millions of ballots to voters who are not willing to brave the pandemic. In his mind, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong. Bill Barr was having absolutely none of this and he went off on the host for his silly takes. His speech is an absolute must-see but we are going to share our favorite part now.

“Now what we’re talking about is mailing them to everyone on the mailing list when everyone knows the lists are inaccurate. People who should get them don’t get them which is one of the major complaints in states who have tried this. And people who get them are not the right people… Sometimes multiple ballots go to the same address. You think that’s any way to run a vote?” asked Barr.

Since the country is very divided at this time, Barr does not want to push this system. He believes that it will end very badly for America and it’s hard to ignore that reality. Trump’s opposition to the mail-in voting scheme is being pinned on his unwillingness to accept defeat. Barr does not have those same concerns. He can speak his mind and not have to worry about what other people think.

That’s not to say that the president puts much stock in what others think, either…..but you get what we are saying. The Democrats do not care about the health and safety of the average American. The COVID-19 pandemic is merely a chance for them to steal the election. This is one political party that knows how to take advantage of a crisis situation.

Lest you think that we are putting words in their mouth, these are Nancy Pelosi’s own words. She does not want to allow this crisis to go to waste and she’s receiving zero opposition within her own party. Barr’s response to their initiatives is definitely making the rounds online and the responses are priceless. People are tired of being told that they are not going to be able to vote in the conventional matter.

Barr also knows something that the liberal crowd does not. He knows that the Trump voters are a very passionate bloc. They are not going to be terrified by the mainstream media reports. In fact, they may look at these reports as a challenge of sorts. These voters are ready to stand in line for as long as they have to and they will brave any conditions that are presented to them.

We’re going to let you in on another little secret, too. We have never seen the Attorney General this upset. He’s typically not one for these types of fiery speeches but there is something to be said for using your common sense. Mail-in voting plans like these are never going to work as well as anyone expects them to.

The Democrats will now spend the next two months or so engaging in all of the necessary fear-mongering. They have to convince everyone that they are placing themselves in mortal danger by heading outside to vote. So far, so good, we suppose. The American people (or at least the lefties) are currently shaking in their boots, all but begging to be allowed to stay home this November.

The rest of us are eagerly awaiting the results of this national tug of war. If the Democrats have their way, voter fraud will be running rampant. We just hope that cooler heads are able to prevail before the wrong decision is made and it is too late to turn back.

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