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    Joe Biden Moves to Completely Screw You at the Pump

    Just days ago, Joe Biden was insisting that his climate change provisions weren’t causing higher gas prices (see Joe Biden Goes Full Ron Burgundy in Reality-Bending Speech on Gas Prices). You see, according to the White House, canceling Keystone XL and limiting oil and gas leases in the name of fighting global warming doesn’t actually have […] More

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    High Drama at D.C. Soup Kitchen as Joe Biden Appears to Snub Kamala

    We’ve written extensively on how embattled Vice President Kamala Harris has been hit with more bad press just in time for the holidays, with even the Democrat apologists at CNN getting in on the action by reporting how Biden staffers were allegedly growing increasingly frustrated with Harris. In addition to that are reports of an alleged rift between President Biden and […] More

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    San Francisco’s Mayor Has a Genius Idea to Stop Looting Over the Holiday

    California has been on the cutting edge of social policy for decades now. We were defunding the police before it became cool! We didn’t exactly take money out of law enforcement budgets until recently, but we “defunded” them by taking away their ability to make arrests, protect citizens and maintain peace. Some people still don’t believe this, […] More

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    Do Not Fall for Joe Biden’s Slick New Oil Trick

    Joe Biden felt a need to escape the luxury of the White House for the holiday. So just before burning a few tons of jet fuel and emitting fresh carbon emissions on the four-hour flight to Nantucket, President Climate Change ordered the Energy Department to release 50 million barrels of oil from the nation’s precious […] More

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    Lawsuits Opposing California School District Mask and Vaccine Mandates Show Who Is On the Side of Right

    A lawsuit opposing Governor Gavin Newsom’s mask mandates in schools brought by Let Them Breathe and Reopen California Schools suffered a setback on Nov. 12. While Fox-5 San Diego reported that the judge dismissed the lawsuit, the actual ruling is more nuanced, as Civil Litigator Jennifer Kennedy explains. “The judge granted the demurrer of all the State defendants,” Kennedy said. […] More

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    The Biden Administration’s Lunatic DOJ Action Against Airlines

    The Biden administration is running a clinic — on how to rip out the roots of a capitalist economy and drive up prices on basic goods and services. Consider the latest blunder: The Biden Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Merrick Garland, has decided to attack American Airlines and JetBlue for a run-of-the-mill business partnership. […] More

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