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    Latest Numbers Show Red States Are Saving Joe Biden, Even as He Trashes Them

    If you’ve paid attention to the White House’s messaging lately, you’ve probably found yourself with a headache from time to time. The sheer amount of contradiction and spin being put forth is a sight to behold, and one issue the administration has gaslit the most about is job growth. If you listen to White House Chief […] More

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    Those Who Don’t Know History Are Doomed to Look Exceedingly Unintelligent

    I get why The Elite peddle Socialism-Communism-Collectivism. They know it’s a terrible system that has murdered 100+ million people and left trillions destitute. But they know they will be inside the castle when the drawbridges go up and the world comes crashing down. So their lives will be unaffected – and they will be in […] More

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    Liz Cheney Gets a Big Signal That She’s About to Get the Boot

    Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) was so fixated on going after President Donald Trump, that she sold herself to the Democrats to be on their partisan Jan. 6 Committee. She said the quiet part out loud at the beginning of the month, saying the “single most important thing” was to ensure that Trump wasn’t the Republican nominee. […] More

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    The Left Starts to Panic as Election Deniers Begin to Dominate

    If there is one overarching criticism I would make of conservative voters over the years is that there is too much focus on federal officeholders and far too little on local candidates. In my county, where I’ve been Chief Judge of an election precinct for over a decade, candidates for county commissioner, school board, county […] More

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    What Conservatives Can Learn From Those Crazy Weekend Playoff Games

    Full disclosure here – I don’t watch much football. Occasionally during the season I will join my husband at our local watering hole to drink and watch him endure the agony of another Bears season. I’ll watch the Super Bowl so that I can at least be one of the cool kids the next day […] More

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    Thousands Come out for Anti-Mandate Rally in DC

    We reported earlier on the anti-COVID mandate rally that was being held in Washington, D.C. Thousands of people came out who represented all political persuasions. Among the speakers were Dr. Robert Malone, journalist Lara Logan, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Some 20,000 were anticipated, many of them federal workers who were against the mandate on them. […] More

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