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    Mike Rowe Lets Loose on Joe Biden for His Student Loan Bailout

    If there is anyone who is known for highlighting the importance of the working class, it would be “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe. For years he has highlighted the problem of not enough people going into skilled trades, that the sole focus on an expensive college degree as the next step is adversely impacting our country. […] More

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    The Biden WH Insults Our Intelligence With ‘Devastatingly’ Idiotic Student Debt Plan Defense

    As we’ve previously reported, the Biden White House’s defenses of Joe Biden’s plan to unilaterally “forgive” billions in student loan debts have ranged from incoherent to downright laughable, with Biden himself having to resort to juvenile whataboutism when asked by reporters if he thought this was unfair to the people who had already paid their student loans off without government help. But […] More