As America Absorbs the Bad News, We Ask: Which Biden Killed the Choco Taco – Joe or Jill?

A beloved national dessert is meeting its demise; laying the blame for it will require some analysis.

Social media began to have an undercurrent of dread over the weekend when a meme was seen circulating through numerous accounts. An image was created resembling a headstone, and on it, the traditional dates of existence were presented, indicating the recent passing of an icon – only it was not an individual of historic significance who had met their end.

The meme had a picture of the well-known and favored ice cream dessert, the Choco Taco, with the familiar R.I.P, and the years displayed 1984-2022. This raised concerns with fans, as the favored treat of nearly 40 years appeared to be on its way out. For any who might be unfamiliar, the frozen dessert is popular in its simplicity of design; a standard cone waffle is folded in half to surround a chocolate-vanilla striped ice cream combo, with a chocolate topping, mixed with nuts.

The design not only resembles a taco, but the cone construction allows for a clean eating experience that found favor for decades. What was going on, and why would there be any announcement of this sort even being alluded to by anyone? These are questions that Dennis Lee at the food outlet The Takeout had in mind as he began to look into just what was happening.

Lee tracked the origins to an ice cream truck vendor in New York, who stated he was posting the meme as a result of emails he had received from Klondike, the ice cream conglomerate that was the creator of the confection. In the posted exchange, the company made a comment about the tacos being discontinued. Dennis decided to contact the company, and after some surprise from the person handling his call, they came back on to announce that in fact, yes – Choco Tacos will no longer be produced.

Klondike offered no explanation but only alluded to the possibility of making room for an expanded ice cream line of goods. So, the question next arises: Is Biden to blame for this harrowing announcement? Followed by the next question: Which Biden is to blame?

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

It is not clear if there are economic pressures behind this move. No announced influences such as inflation, or supply chain restrictions were cited. No indication that a cost of production was a force behind the move, or if a drop in sales figures necessitated elimination. So it remains possible that President Biden’s fiscal fumbling was not a factor.

But…what of his wife?! After all, this decision to spike the cherished dessert comes right after Dr. First Lady Jill made her scathingly ignorant “taco” comments at a Hispanic conference recently. Could it be that the controversy she generated behind the foodstuff has led to a company pulling a product beloved for generations now? Maybe a number of boe-guh-DAS across the country have decided to no longer sell the now-scandalous foodstuff, truncating profits.

It cannot be stated for certain at the moment, but this counts as yet another lost cultural item in the pandemic-Biden era. Maybe a lobbying effort can be mounted to compel our ice cream-loving president to put effort into resurrecting this beloved treat.

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