Are the Dead Coming Back to Life To Vote Again In Michigan? This Is More Than a Bit Concerning

There’s an old joke about the dead voting Democratic.

But overnight, people began pointing out that the dead appear to have voted in Michigan.

We’ve already brought you some of the funny numbers coming out of Michigan, with such things as a red county somehow mystically flipping to blue. That’s under investigation and there’s a recount of the votes underway in that red county.

But overnight people began pointing out something pretty strange: the dead appear to have come back to life to vote absentee in the state.

Fleccas first raised the alarm overnight, noting that a 118 year old man William Bradley from Detroit, Michigan, has voted absentee, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

But you can plug it in yourself as I did and it checks out.

Guessing this was a critical voter demographic that Trump failed to appeal to, but who vote Democrat.

But it wasn’t only William Bradley, who died in June 1984, who appears to have come back to vote, as Fleccas points out.

Here’s 120 year old June Aiken also voting.

How about 119 year old Donna Brydges? Yep.

Just for reference, the oldest person in the U.S. is Sara Knauss at 119 years old.

People also referenced multiple other names that also appeared to show the same kind of thing.

This is more than a little concerning. As attorney Harmeet Dhillon observed, this needs to be investigated to determine what’s the heck this is all about.

Someone in law enforcement needs to visit these addresses and find out wth is going on.

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) November 5, 2020

So what’s going on here and how long has this been going on? Is there a glitch? A mix up with the names of people who have similar or the same names?

Perhaps Michigan would like to explain this?

But pretty concerning that these people appear to have requested, gotten absentee ballots and then sent them in, officially reflected as voting.

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