AOC Violates Her Liberal Beliefs and Takes a Step Towards Lunacy


All our eyes are suspiciously focusing in on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she once again pollutes the country with her presence. Ocasio-Cortez is opposed to free markets and free enterprise. She is more in favor of ruining freedom by pushing to instigate her socialist plan of the Green New Deal. Something that she has tried to do without success.

Ocasio-Cortez has changed her deal several times and tried to pass it off as something different and new. This time around, she is trying to appear like she is taking a step towards conservativism by appearing to support free markets.

But her arrogance and boldness leak out as she quietly proclaims that all Republicans had better wise up and walk carefully if they want to be able to compete with the socialist squad. The group’s pride is sickening as they continue to believe their own propaganda of what they are really like.

Ocasio-Cortez and the other three snakes honestly believe that they are popular. It is like they are living the old glory days of high school where they thought everyone like them, but everyone hated them.

In her attempt to appear benevolent, Ocasio-Cortez lets out her true intentions. She got the New York Times to go along with her scheme to report her playing a game in order to raise money for COVID-19 sufferers.

The Times stated, “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for people in need because of the coronavirus pandemic by playing the interactive online game ‘Among Us’ over the Thanksgiving holiday with a Canadian lawmaker. The New York Democrat played the social deduction game for five hours on Friday with Jagmeet Singh, a member of the Canadian parliament and head of Canada’s New Democratic Party, to raise the $200,000 for those without enough to eat and at risk of being evicted.”

She frauded people out of their money by claiming that the money would help people suffering from COVID-19. She is trying to act like a queen taking care of her people. But so far, there has been no report of where the money was sent.

She stated, “We did it! $200k raised in one live-stream (on a whim!) for eviction defense, food pantries, and more. This is going to make such a difference for those who need it most right now. Thank you all.”

She claims that the money will be used for “eviction defense,” but that is just a fancy term for her to justify keeping the money. The gamer that worked with her was not even from the United States. He lives in Canada, where their system of rule is borderline socialists.

Ocasio-Cortez is trying to build a world where she is the queen, and everyone else bows at her feet. She takes one step toward free-enterprise and thinks that the country is going to love her for it.

That step is just a ruse to trick people into thinking she has changed. Her lying tongue mocks the free world. She raises money and then broadcasts her own good deed in pride. People that genuinely care about helping those in need do not brag about their actions. And they never seek credit for the work.

Ocasio-Cortez engaged in free-enterprise to boost her presence with people. She violated her own socialist principles to make herself look better. If what she believes in is so great for everyone, then there should have been no trouble raising the money to help people by using her government philosophy.

But the truth is that socialism destroys people and does not build anyone up. It violates what her mother told her about helping people rise together. Ocasio-Cortez seeks to raise herself while putting everyone else down.

Republicans and the president have it right. The people of the United States need to have the freedom to build for themselves a life. And that can only be done through the concept of free enterprise. A method that the AOC used to try and grow her support base with the intentions of destroying the very avenue other than being able to raise money.

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