Andrew Yang Calls out the Democrats’ Strategy in Midterms of Elevating Beatable GOP Candidates

Former Democrat and presidential candidate Andrew Yang is calling out the Democrats’ strategy of elevating the “extremist” GOP candidates during the midterms, considered the most beatable candidates, according to Democrats, as we have seen in Pennsylvania and Maryland, among other states.

The more preeminent examples include GOP gubernatorial candidates Darren Bailey of Illinois, Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania, and Dan Cox of Maryland. All three of the candidates won their primary races.

We also saw Democrats elevate a GOP Senate candidate, Ron Hanks in Colorado, but he was defeated in the primary by Joe O’Dea.

Yang called this strategy “another symptom of a broken two-party system.” He told Fox News Digital:

“I think that Democrats and Americans should be angry that we’re reduced to this kind of game playing — that you’re saying that people donate money to the Democratic Party and then that money gets funneled to boost the extreme Republican because that’s going to help your chances? … There were many, many Democrats back when Donald Trump ran for president in 2016 that were like, “Great!… We’re gonna beat this guy no problem!’ and then he winds up president. So what I said then was, ‘Look, be careful what you wish for.’”

Yang notes that the last thing Democrats should do is spend money to elevate a candidate that they think will certainly lose in the midterm elections.

“But certainly, I think the last thing anyone should be doing is spending money to elevate someone they think is out of step with the mainstream. If you believe in democracy, you run and maybe you win, maybe you lose, but you certainly, if you’re going to lose, you’d want to lose to someone who you think is more in step with the will of the American people in the mainstream of that community, rather than trying to stick your thumb on the scale and saying, ‘Hey, I think I can beat the extreme candidate more easily.’”

Yang has been very vocal about the two-party system and suggests the American people want to see a new vision.


As RedState’s Brittany Sheehan reported, Andrew Yang recently spoke at the Libertarian FreedomFest, where he announced the Forward Party. Yang hinted that a Forward Party candidate could run for President in 2024, if there is a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Yang told Fox News Digital:

“So there a lot of people that are not eager for a Biden-Trump rematch, but it seems like we may very well get that … And one thing I will say is that if that matchup is unappealing to you, then go to and let’s make sure that Americans have more choices in your community, but also in 2024.”

In a January AP-NORC poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans said they do not want to see a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024.

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