After Destroying Thanksgiving for Millions of Americans Democrats Now Targeting Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is the next holiday that is being targeted by the liberal agenda. In most years, this is a time to enjoy the Thanksgiving parade and the Santa Claus themed float that closes out the event. Families are preparing for the pandemic Christmas and there are a number of questions that still need to be answered.

Will the children still be able to visit with Santa Claus? How is the pandemic going to alter the holiday? While visits with Santa are still feasible this year, children and their parents must plan ahead. It’s not like the good old days when you could simply walk into a mall and get your picture taken with jolly old Kris Kringle.

This is a moment that calls for a maximum level of innovation. Santa Claus is an older man, which increases his risk of contracting the virus. Social distancing guidelines need to be adhered to so that everyone can stay safe this year. There are a number of stores that have already canceled their in-person visits, in hopes of maintaining control over the larger crowds.

AP News has done a deep dive on the topic. “Kids will instead tell Santa what they want for Christmas from six feet away, and sometimes from behind a sheet of plexiglass. Santa and his visitors may need to wear a face mask, even while posing for photos. And some malls will put faux gift boxes and other decorations in front of Saint Nick to block kids from charging toward him,” they warn.

“Other safety measures include online reservations to cut down on lines, workers wiping down holiday-decorated sets, and hand sanitizer aplenty. Santa’s hours are also getting cut to give him a break from crowds.

Macy’s canceled its in-person visits this year, saying it couldn’t provide a safe environment for the more than 250,000 people that show up to see Kriss Kringle at its New York flagship store,” AP News continues. Malls are now struggling to deal with this strange new world because they are accustomed to the foot traffic that Santa Claus brings.

Millions and millions of Americans pour into the mall each year to see the big man, visiting stores and restaurants during their trips. Meanwhile, malls are not able to come up with perfect solutions. The Plexiglass barriers do not look great in pictures. Zoom calls with Santa do not provide the same level of fun for little boys and girls.

CBL is a mall operator that is looking to help out where they can. They are pushing back their Santa visits a few weeks (not sure what that is going to do, in all honesty). He will maintain the proper social distancing protocols and use shields and masks. “We’re doing everything possible so that he stays healthy,” says Mary Lynn Morse, CBL’s marketing vice president.

JingleRing is also providing would-be Santas with a way to converse with the children from home. This is a great idea for any parents who are looking to offer the little ones a chance to speak to Santa without having to break quarantine. The calls can often run a bit longer than the usual mall visits, giving kids a longer visit with Santa than they may have enjoyed otherwise.

Sam’s Club has come up with an idea of their own: five-minute video visits. Parents can obtain these visits free of charge. Postcards, personalized letters, there is no shortage of options. Let’s all plan ahead so that we can give our children the most normal holiday possible. We already know that the liberals are going to take direct aim at everything we hold dear.

Everyone knows that they have declared war on Christmas a long time ago. The pandemic is giving them an even better excuse to do so. That’s why it is up to us to make sure that the children are still able to enjoy the holiday, despite the fact that we are living in the year of the plague.

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