A Rare Moment of Truth! Don Lemon Admits Violence Is Only Bad If Hits Biden’s Polling

Don Lemon may not be our favorite reporter but he has some incredible moments of frank honesty, doesn’t he? He’s now worried about the rioting after watching months of violence unfold. Is he concerned about the small business owners who are being affected? Is he offering any sympathy to those who are being affected?

No, of course not. As always, CNN’s concerns about such things are purely political. They are not worried about the death and destruction that the rioters are responsible for. Lemon’s worries are focused on Joe Biden’s polling numbers. You see, the violence will finally need to stop now because it is affecting his chances of winning the election.

I’m really glad Twitter has taken such a strong stance on banning people who have controversial opinions on COVID, but allow literal terrorists to spew shit like this.

— Jason Howerton (@jason_howerton) August 26, 2020

At least he’s speaking his truth for once. Don’t worry, Don. We’re sure that you’ll find a poll by next week that suits your fancy and you won’t have to pretend to care about the riots any more. Whether the rioting is showing up in the polls or not is something that we will be digging into more soon enough. In the meantime, it’s good to see commentators like Lemon sweating.

CNN’s Don Lemon is panicking over the disastrous impact that far-left riots are having on the Democrat Party.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) August 26, 2020

The mainstream media has been acting like the election is a done deal for some time now and we have been enjoying every second of it. It’s like they have learned absolutely nothing since 2016. Now that there are a few polls that don’t have Biden running away with it, they are starting to get more worried. Elections aren’t won or lost during the summer months, though.

There’s just one question that needs to be answered at the moment. Why did the governor of Wisconsin decide to wait to protect his state? Tony Evers should have had more National Guard personnel in place once it became obvious what was about to take place. It’s not like there’s any liberal leader that can feign shock at this point. The same story keeps playing out over and over again in each liberal state and city.

Local law enforcement in Wisconsin have told the White House they need at least 750 National Guard tonight. Governor Evers is only sending 250. Today, Mark Meadows called the Governor and offered 500 additional guard to meet the police needs.

Governor Evers declined.

— Ben Williamson (@_WilliamsonBen) August 26, 2020

Mark Meadows even offered Evers an additional 500 guards to protect this state and the governor declined. It’s all turned into political theater for Democratic leaders and they are leaving their populations vulnerable to violence. Even someone who agrees with the Black Lives Matter movement in principle is not going to enjoy seeing the same scenes play out in various liberal cities.

The Meadows proposal was initially leaked by the White House. Evers claims that the actual offer he received was much different. The help that Meadows is said to have offered was coming from the Department of Homeland Security, not the National Guard. Since more Guard members had already been sent, Evers felt comfortable declining.

The DHS could be useful when it comes to protecting government property but that hasn’t been much of an issue so far. They wouldn’t be able to do much, outside of giving the National Guard and the local police a much needed break. Evers was probably worried about his city devolving into a Portland-esque scene. DHS soldiers may have caused the current problems to escalate.

My statement on the third night of violence in #Kenosha:@realDonaldTrump @MarkMeadows @GovEvers

— Bryan Steil (@RepBryanSteil) August 26, 2020

Would the arrival of DHS soldiers embolden the rioters or make them want to stay at home? That’s not a chance that Evers wanted to take. Local leaders did not care for the decision. Ron Johnson and Bryan Steil have made it clear: they want Evers to accept the federal help that he is being offered. As for Evers himself, we are sure that he does not want to hand Trump a cudgel to beat the Democrats with by accepting assistance.

It’s tantamount to admitting defeat at this point. Even the Kenosha County Board is begging for help, to no avail. You would think that the governor would be willing to listen to them but he is giving them the silent treatment. Lemon is probably right to fear a loss of voters at this point but he’s saying the quiet part loud. For Trump’s part, he’s claiming that Evers had a change of heart but nothing else has been said (outside of his usual tweeting).

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